Support the Next Generation of Artists!

Create a postcard-sized piece of original artwork for a Wild Card Auction
George Abbot School in Guildford has ambitious plans to upgrade its arts facilities and to create a set of modern, sustainable and accessible spaces for outstanding arts activity from ceramics, fashion and fine art to photography and textiles. The school is calling on the creative community at large to support the ‘Renaissance Project’ fundraising activities and to provide an original artwork that will be auctioned on 10th July.

It must be ‘approximately postcard sized’ but the work can be in any medium and produced on whatever suits you best – paper, canvas, box canvas, MDF panel... the choice is yours.

Sign the work and send it before 31st May to:

Jane Friend (Wild Card Auction)
George Abbot School
Woodruff Avenue
Guildford, GU1 1XX

At the same time email photographs of your postcard and yourself, along with short statement (100-150 words) about yourself and your work, to:

Please also state whether or not you’re happy for the school to reproduce your work.