This is a list of prizewinners in the Spring and Autumn Lightbox Exhibitions.
Autumn 2019
Judges' Prize: Ronnie Ireland - Turn to Me
Carole Lane Prize: Louise Rowe - Life
Highly Commended: Shirley Slocock - Agapanthus Seedheads
Highly Commended: Christine Taherian SWA - Bazaar
Public Vote: Kim Page - Polperro

Spring 2019
Judges' Prize: Nagihan Seymour - Timeless
Highly Commended: Louise Rowe - Blown
Highly Commended: Peter Howitt - Autumn Afternoon
Public Vote: Julia Aspin - Across the Heather

Autumn 2018
Judges' Prize: Hannah Bruce - London Charing Cross
Highly Commended: Bryan Jones - Matering the Technology
Highly Commended: Louise Rowe - Tidal
Highly Commended: David Whitson - Old Boat at Pin Mill, Suffolk
Public Vote: Hannah Bruce - London Charing Cross

Spring 2018
Judges' Prize: Peter Howitt - Surrey Downs
Watercolour Prize: Louise Rowe - Juice
Highly Commended: Ian Henderson - Lunch Break in the Building of Sainsbury, Redhill
Highly Commended: Sera Knight - Street Musicians
Public Vote: Bara Aylwin - Evening Glow, Isles of Scilly

Autumn 2017
Judges' Prize: Jenelle Latcham - Self-Portrait: Ten Years of Wearing Glasses
Oil Prize: Cynthia Lloyd - Limousin and Charolais Bulls
Highly Commended: Hannah Bruce - London
Highly Commended: Sera Knight - The Red Shawl
Public Vote: Christine Taherian - Snowmen